Gallery History
M. Certo Studio
Gallery History
301 Mountain Rd. N.E.
Albuquerque, New Mexico, 87102
301 Mountain Rd. N.E. 
Downtown Albuquerque, on the northeast corner of 
Mountain Rd. and Broadway Blvd. 

It's a big yellow warehouse, entrance is on the east side 
of the building. Parking is always available at the 
Post Office directly diagonal from the gallery.


Sunday 9am - 1pm 
or by Appointment: 842-8016
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Artist Statement

My current work explores painting in the expanded field. Mark-making becomes an ambient form of communication, as a breath or a suggestion through atmospheric bouquets of color - metaphors for fixed cultural meaning. Form, space, material, color and biography create an organic synthesis of complex relations. An installation becomes an empirical occurrence in immersive subjectivity; the act of painting is the catalyst of unfurling multiple dimensions of a single surface.
Erin S. Galvez

a space a shape a cloud a box

April 5 - April 21, 2019

Opening Reception
Friday, April 5, 6 - 9pm

Friday, April 12, 2-3pm
UNM CFA Rm. 1018