Exhibition Proposal Form






A written proposal for your exhibition, briefly outlining the formal and conceptual ideas behind the work to be shown. 

Documentation of recent work in print, or digital format. A minimum of  12 images. If the proposal is for an installation or piece not yet constructed, please include examples of prior work, with a detailed diagram or description of your proposed idea.

Indicate if you are applying for a solo exhibition or if you are open to exhibiting with other artists. If the proposal is for a group or multi-artist show please have all participating artists complete an Exhibition Proposal Form along with the required 12 images. [AC]2 routinely curates exhibitions with multiple artists who have submitted proposals independently.

Submit your artist's resumé and list of previous exhibitions or experience in the field.

Provide suggested exhibition dates, with an indication of any dates that are not possible due to conflicts or prior commitments. Because of  the limited number of exhibition slots and the large number of applicants, the more flexible your proposed dates are, the more likely your exhibition proposal will be considered in a timely fashion.

Please include a pre-addressed, stamped return envelope with your submission if you submit via snailmail. You will be notified if your proposal has been accepted within six months, and at that time you will be asked to sign a contract specifying the exhibition dates and [AC]2 Gallery's terms and conditions.

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