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[AC]2, Albuquerque Contemporary Art Center, has been exhibiting cutting-edge contemporary art in Albuquerque since 1995. We are a non-profit exhibition venue with monthly shows of local and national artists who are pushing 
the boundaries of their particular medium.

Located in Downtown Albuquerque, New Mexico, our 1,500 sq. ft. converted warehouse is a funky homebase and forum for experimental artists of the region. Our reputation centers on installation art, conceptual art and mixed media work that challenges the viewer.
Originally opened in early 1995 as the ARC Gallery (Artists' Research Collective), we have evolved into the non-profit Albuquerque Contemporary Art Center, [AC]2. We have presented over 200 exhibitions, performances, happenings, and screenings within our walls and out on the street in partnership with other arts organizations. We have exhibited over 550 local, and national artists in our gallery since opening our doors.


We believe that humans are considered evolved creatures in part because of our ability to create and reflect, and 
that a culture's involvement in the arts is a gauge of its humanity. Contemporary artists are on the front lines of such creation and reflection, looking critically at our societies and selves and processing this information in intensely personal, innovative and universal ways, bringing a gift of insight and awareness to us all. Contemporary artists provide unique perspectives on our culture's past, present, and future in ways that stimulate our senses on many different levels, and enlighten and educate us about our world. We need them.

A center for contemporary art like [AC]2 is necessary in order to provide a vital place where art is more than a commodity, entertainment, or window dressing. The active creation of new art is an integral continuation of our cultural and intellectual traditions, and an indication of a healthy and evolving society. We provide an accessible 
and vibrant arts center that nourishes the development and expression of local artists and encourages an enhanced appreciation and understanding of contemporary art as an asset to our community. 
301 Mountain Rd. N.E.
Albuquerque, New Mexico, 87102